How meU Can Help You

Make It Personal

Engage your audience with video and the power of YOU. Put you in the message - your personality, your voice, your brand

All In One Tool

Powerful way to express yourself with just what you need to tell YOUR story. Any combination of videos, photos, music, voiceovers, text, weblinks, docs.

Share One-One or To Everyone

Social Media, Websites, Email, App Users

Go Viral!

Video content can be mashed, reused, collaborated on by viewers, followers, fans, colleagues, friends, family, the world! Track who viewed, who mashed your message.

All In One Tool


1. Select Visuals for Your meU

  • Record live videos, photos
  • Use photos, videos from computers, mobile devices, channels
  • Grab photos, videos from “mashable” meUs
  • Combine any of these into meU video messages

2. Add Voiceovers, Music, Text, Weblinks

  • Tell the story in seconds using your voice over photos, videos
  • Import and add Music you own
  • Add Text in any color/font
  • Add Hyperlinks to anywhere on the web
Voice over

3. Message, Share, Collaborate

  • Message back/forth with App users
  • Share to Email, Facebook, Twitter, Websites - YOU own your videos and control privacy!
  • Make your meU video messages Mashable - let other people reuse your video content in theirs!
  • 1 click Mash to collaborate on stories with colleagues, friends, family